Six Things To Do Before Your Next Getaway

Are you heading out of town for a rejuvenating vacation? Don’t let surprises, especially those tied to your finances, derail the fun. Whatever your plans, check out our list of things to take care of before you leave.

1. Let us know your plans
Complete our travel notification form to let us know your vacation destination and any stops along the way. Providing this information, lets us know to authorize card transactions you make while at the airport or in another state or country. If you plan to bring credit cards, be sure to call those providers before you go.

2. Bring a variety of payment methods
Have a variety of payment methods available, including local currency, in case something unforeseen happens. You may not always have access to an ATM for cash, and keeping local currency on hand will keep you covered. If you do choose to use an ATM, check our locator to find a surcharge fee-free one near you. Having more than one form of payment, like a debit card and credit card, will also keep you covered if one stops working.

3. Let your mobile service provider know about your travel plans
If you’re traveling abroad, ask your cellphone provider about enabling international service, which would allow you to use your smartphone for calls, texts, and internet access when on vacation. Many providers offer short-term plans to ensure you can stay connected while overseas.

4. Bring your financial institution’s phone numbers with you
Make sure you bring your financial institution’s phone numbers with you. Remember, toll-free (1-800) numbers don’t work overseas, and you’ll likely incur charges for an international call.

5. Pay your bills
Before heading out, make sure your monthly bills are paid. You don’t want to spend time paying bills during your vacation or risk getting late fees. If you prefer, you can automate your payments with Bill Pay in Online and Mobile Banking.

6. Confirm your reservations
It’s a good idea to confirm your flight, hotel room, car rental, and attractions before setting out on your trip. Confirming these details in advance will give you time to make changes if anything isn’t just right.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, it’s our goal to ensure you’re well-positioned to achieve goals whether you’re at home or on the road! If you have questions about the travel notification form, give us a call at 315.782.0155 or stop into any relationship center!


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