The Ins And Outs Of Wealth Management

When most people think of wealth management, they typically think of products and services only for the very wealthy. This is a misconception, and navigating wealth management is less about how much money you have, but rather what goals you want to accomplish with your money.

Maybe you want to pay for your children’s college education so they won’t be burdened with student loans, or you have a dream house down south you want to spend your retirement in. Perhaps you want to leave your grandchildren an inheritance to help them in the next steps of their life. Wealth management might be the final push your hard-earned savings need to pursue those goals.

Let’s discuss key wealth management services, products and what to look for in an advisor to trust your wealth management with.

Find An Advisor That:

  1. Customizes a plan to address your unique needs and considers your entire financial picture, which can consist of time horizon, goals and financial status.
  2. Understands you need a flexible financial plan that changes and grows with you and your family.
  3. Takes the time to get to know you and meets with you regularly to ensure your retirement plan continues to work towards your financial goals.

Wealth Management Services that create a comprehensive investment portfolio for your long-term financial goals:

  1. Financial Planning.
    1. Asset Allocation.
    2. Portfolio Risk Analysis.
    3. Estate planning.
  2. Insurance Services.
    1. Insurance Needs Analysis.
  3. Retirement Plan Guidance.
    1. 401(K) Rollover Services.
    2. Pension Rollover Services.
  4. College Savings.

Main Wealth Management Products focused on long-term growth:

  1. Fixed & Variable Annuities.
  2. Life, Disability & Long Term Care Insurance.
  3. IRAs
  4. 529 Plans.
  5. Brokerage CDs.
  6. Market Linked CDs & Notes.
  7. Mutual Funds.
  8. Exchange-traded Funds.

At Northern Financial Services, we understand your investments are more than money. They’re your family’s dreams and future goals and we’d love to be a part of making them come true!

If you’d like to grow your long-term savings, please schedule an initial, no-cost consultation.