Honoring Veterans for Their Service

U.S. veterans serve our country, spending months or years away from home, undergoing grueling training and often putting their lives at risk, just to keep us safe. Here’s a list to get you started with ways to celebrate our nation’s heroes.

1. Fly a flag – the right way

Veterans Day offers a wonderful opportunity to fly Old Glory. Just make sure you’re observing the proper rules for its display this time of year. Read up on all you need to know about flying the flag on the military’s guide to the flag.

2. Visit a VA Hospital

Call the closest Veterans Administration hospital to ask about their volunteer program and donate your time.

3. Send a care package

Security measures make sending a care package to an anonymous soldier a near impossibility, but you can still show your gratitude. There are several organizations that will help you send a care package. You can find a list of these organizations and contact them directly here

Even better, ask around the community, someone is likely to know a deployed soldier from Fort Drum and you can coordinate sending a local solider and unit a care package. 

4. Make a donation

Sometimes a monetary donation is the best way to show your support. There are loads of nonprofit organizations out there that offer a plethora of services to members of the military and gladly accept donations. Look through this list to find the one that’s right for you.

5. Donate your car

If you’ve just bought a new set of wheels and you’re looking for a way to get rid of your old vehicle, consider donating it to the military. There are lots of organizations, like the Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation, which will happily take your old car, truck or RV and donate its value to the military. 

6. Bake some cookies

Sometimes, a homemade gesture is the best way to express your gratitude. Whip up a batch of your favorite cookies to share with a service member you know on Veterans Day. You’ll be showing the veteran how much you appreciate them with a taste of home.